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About Maranda Bower


Maranda Bower is the CEO and Founder of Postpartum University®, supporting both mothers and professionals in health and whole body healing.

She is a renowned expert and top educator in the fields of functional nutrition and coaching in relation to postpartum and nicknamed the “Womb Whisperer”. Named as a best-selling author, international speaker, and has appeared in over 50+ publications. Her latest book is Reclaiming Postpartum Wellness, set to release May 2022.

After the birth of Maranda’s first child, she experienced extreme postpartum depression and anxiety. Her story includes becoming a jobless single mother afraid to lose her son because of her debilitating mental health. During her recovery process, she recognized the lost art of postpartum wellness and made it her mission to support other women and families out of the depths of postpartum mental health challenges.

After remarrying and having two more children, Maranda has also experienced postpartum rage, an autoimmune, disorder, and postpartum bi-polar. Those experiences positively shaped her research and career, expanding the realities of what little support, knowledge, and understanding providers and mothers alike have to life after baby. With the birth of her fourth child, Maranda had gone on to master both the modern and ancestral knowledge and embodiment of recovery and well-being by experiencing a blissful postpartum, full autoimmune healing, and no mental, emotional, or physical health challenges. PPU exists because of her passion to support other’s in deep radical health and healing.

She lives on her beautiful 40-acre homestead in Alaska with her husband and 4 children where she gardens, quilts, dreams of horses, and raises an unruly flock of chickens.

Postpartum University® has been recognized as the “leading postpartum resource” for Professionals and Experts in the field. Currently, Postpartum University® has served thousands of mothers and providers in over 14 countries, supporting them in deep radical healing and well-being in the years after birth. Known as the only education facility dedicated to postpartum WHOLE body health and well-being that extends beyond maternal mental health.


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